• 1. 뜻과 예문
  • 2. 이미지
  • 3. 어원

1. 뜻과 예문

  1. ​[not usually before noun] (formal) very important and needing immediate attention or action
    1. (imperative that…) It is absolutely imperative that we finish by next week.
    2. (imperative to do something) It is imperative to continue the treatment for at least two months.
  2. ​(formal) expressing authority
    1. an imperative tone
  3. ​[only before noun] (grammar) expressing an order
    1. an imperative sentence

2. 이미지

3. 어원

late Middle English (as a grammatical term): from late Latin imperativus (literally ‘specially ordered’, translating Greek prostatikē enklisis ‘imperative mood’), from imperare ‘to command’, from in- ‘towards’ + parare ‘make ready’.